Panasonic Youth

Blogging Like Its the Year 3000

Oh hello world (again)! So I’m revitalizing my blog after nine years. I’ve realized that just ranting to friends and on twitter (rarely) about the sad state of the current web and how it was better in the ‘good ole days’ isn’t super constructive.

One thing that I loved about my early days on the internet was discovering all sorts of amazing folks via blogs, usenet, or on ICQ and BBSes. Being inspired from what they wrote and drew and played with and created. And the way people did it was not built on some mega-tech advertising platform - it was on their own tiny hand rolled HTML site or on a scrappy Wordpress site or on metafilter or on a webring. Sure, there has always been ads and commercialization, but it didn’t dominate everything. Anyway, I digress. ‘Be the change’, amiright?

It is time to write and contribute again and make the type of website that made me fall in love with the internet in the first place.

My intentions for this are probably going to lean more towards thoughts about the tech and humanity and culture, with at least some deep dives into the software engineering and tech related things that bubble up from my day to day.

My day to day has changed quite a bit since the last post here here. I now work for, a not-for-profit part of Resolve to Save Lives. Working with a non-profit whose mission is to prevent deaths from hypertension is a great change of pace over many of the places I’ve worked for in the past. Our software is all open source, so if you’d like to see how a modern Rails app can help treat and manage 1.2 million patients across India, Bangladesh and Ethiopia, the the codes are public.

Onwards and upwards gentle reader. Into the future.