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Day 3 Craftsmanship Swap at 8th Light

(note: this was from my Craftsmanship swap Thursday, July 8th at 8th Light)

My last day of the craftsmanship swap at 8th Light was on Thursday. Doug and I paired more on the DRb/DRbFire fix that we had been discussing and working towards on Wednesday. The fixes can be found in Doug’s fork of DRbFire.

The actual code changes resulting from our deep dive into DRb were pretty simple in the end. The hard part was the learning. We had to have enough understanding of everything in place, which made the code changes self-evident. I find with most domains, both technical and business related, this is so often the case – the solution presents itself once you’ve learned what you need to know.

For lunch on the last day, I gave a draft version of my talk for DevNation. Got some great feedback and questions, and overall it went well. Post-lunch I was pairing with Doug until it was time for goodbyes and more travel.

Anyways, the 8th Light office has some very unique opportunities for reflection. For example, I took advantage of the in-office hammock for an afternoon break:

Hammock Style
Stop - Hammock time

8th Light also has an in-office treadmill that you can use while coding. I tried it for a little while, and its a great break from the monotony and inactivity of sitting all day. Doug setup an adjustable desk over the treadmill, and also wired up the treadmill interface to a LimeLight based GUI. Treadmill based hacking is something I would love to have at the Relevance office.

Doug getting his treadmill hack on

Overall, the 8th Light guys are great, talented bunch. Their apprenticeship program is a great model to follow for how to train young developers, and I plan on following up on quite a few things I’ve learned from the swap. Thanks for 8th Light for having me as a guest, and to Relevance for helping make this happen.