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Tonights action plan: dev server, burning cds, and iTunes

Sooo tonight my goal was to at least get my second PC wiped and reinstalled with a fresh copy of XP for use as a web server, and right now its nearly 1 am and I don’t think I’m going to hit that yet tonight. My problem is that I have three PCs to maintain at home, and it seems like stupid little issues keep coming up that keep me from getting a development environment going. Lately I was trying to get used to logging in as “power user” in my xp box instead of an admin, but it broke a few too many apps I use on a daily basis and it just wasn’t worth the hassle. I figure if anyone actually wants to hack into my wireless network and gets through the WPA encryption and all that crap, they would be able to hack my administrator password also. Plus I just don’t have the time to figure out work arounds for all the dumb applications written to only work from an administrator role.

So now I’m also moving some stuff off the second pc that I had stored there as sort of a make shift file server…but of course I have to clear off some crap on my primary pc before I do that, since I’m almost out of space. You would think that over 200 gigs would be enough, but I’m nearly always running around 80 - 90 % capacity. Its amazing how easily you can fill up gigs upon gigs with broadband. If I wanted to make it easy as possible to have a Linux dual boot on this second pc, should I set up a second partition right from the get-go as EXT3 or something?

Also, iTunes is pissing me off. I have my mp3s under a folder structure I maintain, so I move albums around inside there. Anytime I do that, iTunes doesn’t know where the mp3s went and wants to search for them…so I have to clear out the old entries from iTunes and re add the albums. Basically I just wipe the entire iTunes library every week or so and add everything from the root directory, because taking care of it piecemeal is too much of a hassle. It seems the only way iTunes can automatically synchronize the library to the file system is if iTunes manages the file itself, and I just can’t give up that kind of control.

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