Panasonic Youth

first day at new place

Had my first day at the new place. It went well, though I spent a better part of the day doing on-boarding type things. I did have some time towards the end of the day to look around in the project I‘ll be on. My team is converting this mega-spreadsheet with a ton of ridiculous calculations into a web app. The code my team has so far isn‘t much, just a base to get started….we are using Struts 1.1 so I‘ll also be learning that as I go. Should be a good challenge and some good learning. Just need to adjust to the long days I now have a halfhour commute each way, and thats if rush-hour traffic cooperates.

So far, my only gripes about the new place:

  • small monitor (asked for a large one, haven‘t heard back)
  • no free coffee, can‘t bring in a coffee maker (against company policy)