Panasonic Youth

Its not so much the heat, its the humidity

I had big plans for this last weekend to clean up a bunch around the house and work code for upcoming presentations, since wife was planning on being out of town. Those plans fell through so I ended up doing a bunch of family stuff instead, which was fun anyways. Its just hard to get a lot of coding done during the weeknights, and weekends are tough when there are family things going on.

So Saturday we did Leif’s physical therapy, which involved working on turn-taking and some variations in play. Leif had a real good time, except for when we would try to move him to a new activity. He doesn’t do well with the whole idea of stopping something fun, once he starts. So he freaks out until we start doing something new (and fun) again.

Later Saturday Jason came over and cooked up some pasta and sat on the couch. He’s pretty good at sitting around and making food, so good that we might have him come to live with us for a little while next year. Watched some Chapelle Show and Aqua Teen and had some adult beverages.

Sunday we had to take down our 55 gallon aquarium to prepare for moving a couple weeks. Transporting fish forty miles is always an interesting in seeing who can hack it and survive in a five gallon bucket the longest. I think everyone made it this time, at least all the fishies looked okay when we left the in-laws house (where we are keeping the aquarium in the interim). Also spent a good hour or so at the lake. Leif is not a fan of having water up to his shoulders, but it was his first time at a beach so I guess I can let that slide. He had a lot more fun running around the playground structure and stealing some little girl’s sand bucket. I have taught him well.