Panasonic Youth

adventures in daycare

Got Leif into a new daycare, finally. His old daycare on the west side of Madison used to be very good, before it changed ownership. La Petite, a daycare mega-chain, bought out the place and everything went down hill from there. Everything I have heard about La Petite has been negative, and my experience was no different. It seems Leif was moved around from class room to class room constantly. Everything is done to maximize the amount of kids per teacher with no thought given to keeping any sort of routine. The worst part of the whole thing was that all the best teachers left after the buy out happened. Without good teachers, there was little hope left for the place.

Anyways, Leif is out of there and the new place looks much better. Its called Campus For Kids and it is based in a church on the east side. The drive is much shorter for us. Leif looked relatively happy this morning when I left, which is amazing given all the changes he has gone through lately. Maybe he is bit more open to change then we thinkā€¦