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Eclipse Web Tools 0.7 and flexible projects

Guillermo blogged about his experience with WTP 0.7 and the lack of project refactorings and ability to change default JavaSource & WebContent folders. This has been an issue that’s bothered me for awhile. I’ve been amazed at the attention given to allowing “flexible projects” with WTP - meaning mulitple modules within one project - while the seemingly simple task of having user defined paths has been ignored.

Anyways, the requests are out there, so go vote for them and add your two cents: Bug 102981 - configurable JavaSource and WebContent Bug 10257 - ability to refactor projects (ie change Java project to Web project), which is a bigger issue then just WTP

Note that even if you choose to go with MyEclipse, its a good idea to still follow WTP as MyEclipse is going to be built on the latest WTP eventually.