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thoughts on Rails from Ted and friends

The discussion sparked by Ted on Ruby on Rails has made for some very interesting reading. All in all, Justin, Dion, and Glenn all weighed in with their thoughts on Rails and why Ted might be missing it. See Ted’s “final” post on the subject for a good summary of the whole thing and plenty of quotes from all involved.

Ted’s final thought: until Rails starts to go beyond the simple webapp-on-a-database scenario, I won’t really give it much credit beyond something to compete with a ColdFusion or PHP. The issue is the countless teams using 10,000 lines of Java + XML to do that “simple webapp-on-a-database” scenario, where 3,000 lines in RoR or Django or whatever could do the same thing. How many of those apps really need the “enterprise” qualities J2EE brings that the newer frameworks lack? That is the really interesting question I see coming out of all this…