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Chicago for NFJS, tolls, and Ruby vs Atlas

I’ll be heading to Chicago in less then seven hours with Jim for No Fluff. I wish now that I had bit the bullet and gotten an iPass when I read about the increase for manual payment of tolls. (aside: the iPass url is one of the ugliest I’ve seen in awhile.) Last time I went to Chicago the tolls must’ve ended up costing about $10, as they are about $1 a stop for manual payment. I think ipass ends up being half that. Those damn Illinoisian.

In other news, DHH went after Atlas for copying some of the Prototype code behind the rails ajax stuff, and yet not doing as good a job of it as Rails. Big surprise there. He claims that MS details their auto complete in 23 pages while Ruby does it in 2 lines, but its really apples to oranges as the MS doc goes into great detail with incremental code samples for C# and VB the whole way through.

I would never use Atlas willingly, but I’m willing to bet its a bit more capable then David and others in the Rails camp are making it out to be. I don’t think I’ll be adding it to the presentation anytime soon, though. =)