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Ajax ToDo list application #437

The world obviously needs another to do list app, so I saw that Remember the Milk launched yesterday. If you thought tada lists were way too stripped down, give this a try. All sorts of features: tabbed lists, priorites, estimates, recurrance, feeds, sharing, iCalendar. The look and feel is impressive on first impression - loading animation while lists are being retrieved, subtle use of effects, etc. Everything seems to be very dynamic - I’m not sure if there is a full page reload anywhere. Entering new items and editing them is very easy and straight forward, and you can enter “outlook style” dates like “tomorrow” or “next tuesday”. (thank goodness I can enter list items by just hitting “enter” - hear that 37 signals?!) Also has undo support for all sorts of stuff, which is pretty rare.

remember the milk screen shot

All the buzz lately is about less, of course, whether it be less code or just less frameworks. Still, its good to have somebody trying to provide all those crazy features people clamor for. I’ll be sticking with basecamp as my general planner app, but lets see what Remember the Milk looks like in a few months.

(sidenote: anyone know what the infrastructure for it is?)