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Presenting "Better Software Through Refactoring" at Wisconsin JUGs

Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code I’ll be doing a new presentation titled “Better Software Through Refactoring” at the upcoming Wisconsin and Madison Java Users Groups. Here’s the abstract from my NFJS page:

Refactoring is the process of improving the design of code without changing the behavior. The practice of refactoring is increasingly becoming a required skill for any professional developer, particularly as agile methodologies and incremental development spread. This presentation will bring you up to speed in refactoring for Java but will applicable for any OO language.

This presentation will cover some of the fundamental refactorings with real-life code examples, including extract method, replace conditional with polymorphism, and composed method.

We will discuss the importance of testing when refactoring, the role of upfront design, and how to sell refactoring to management. We’ll also discuss how to use refactoring in non-agile environments and how to leverage modern IDE’s for automated refactorings. You’ll leave this presentation with practical skills to drive better designs and create better code. </em>

If you are in the Madison or Milwaukee area you should come check it out! For more details on the meeting locations, the madjug and wjug pages should be updated soon…

Wisconsin JUG on November 29th Madison JUG on November 30th