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Joel's software managment reading list

Joel has posted a suggested reading list for his software management training program. Lots of classic software development titles and general business titles in his list.

I’ve only read five of the books, amazingly, with all the reading I do: The Mythical Man Month, Pragmatic Programmer, Microserfs, the New New Thing, and The Tipping Point. Books I constantly pick up in the store and read through, but haven’t got around to buying: Don’t Make Me Think, Non-Designer’s Design Book, and Peopleware. And of course, there are a ton from there on my nerd wishlist I hope to get to next year.

The Essential Drucker : The Best of Sixty Years of Peter Drucker\'s Essential Writings on Management I did pick up The Essential Drucker and Managing in a Time of Great Change. I’ve been wanting to read Peter Drucker since I heard his fascinating interview on NPR’s On Point. Of course, I have about five other books going on right now, but I’m hoping the holidays will help me move more things to the “finished” pile.