Panasonic Youth

The wonderful invention that is self-checkout

….and some wonderful rules for its usage, from Mindsack. My favorites:

  • Are You an Idiot? If so, please don’t use the self-check line. A real human being will be happy to help you, right over there.
  • Fresh Fruit and Other Produce is Right Out. The key to the self-check line’s efficiency is that marvelous bar code scanner. Unless you’re purchasing one of those newfangled Pringle’s eggplants that has the bar code genetically tattooed on, you’re going to have to go through the arduous process of looking the damn thing up in the store database.
  • The Bag is Not the Bagging Area. Key Zen-like distinction here: you don’t have to actually put that twelve-pack of toilet paper into a bag before continuing. Just put it into the bagging area, or (even better!) hit the Skip Bagging button and put it back in your cart.