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A missed opportunity for Barnes and Noble's web site

I frequent barnes and nobles (and borders) in my town a lot. When I find a good book, I’m usually too impatient to wait the shipping delay to save the few dollars via amzon. Yet I only use amazon’s site for all my online book needs. Beyond the obvious advantages amazon has (read: customer content), Barnes and noble web site has one unique opportunity it continues to miss: a “find this book in my area” feature.

I would love to be able to search for something at their site, choose something like “hold this book for me at my favorite store” and just be able to drive five minutes and get it. Then go the extra mile and hook up that purchased book to your recommendations and rating system.

Come to think of it, amazon could add this via their Borders integration. What is the hold up?

Robert Martin agile book at
Where is the local store search?