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Monday wrapup: Eckel on Ruby, real-world Rails productivity, the Ajax Experience...

Bruce Eckel wrote on “The departure of the hyper-enthusiasts” and set of a flurry of dicussion amongst DHH, Curt, and Patrick, among others.

I think Curt nailed the most important point that Bruce made - forget the language wars, lets just talk about the best way to solve these problems without all the baggage from the past:

I’m sure we will find that the Rails approach isn’t the ultimate solution; there will be plenty of other problems that we need to solve on the way to making web development easy. But it represents a fundamental restart in the thinking process.

Cedric also wrote on similiar themes in his post on the “fan syndrome”.

Stuart shares some hard numbers on how much more productivity he tells his clients to expect if they go with Rails over Java when doing the CRUD+Ajax web app (30-50%). Pretty impressive coming from someone who is doing real paying rails work.

Nice intro article on IBM’s dev works site doing a ruby tutorial with java code comparisons.

Jared blogged a lisp tutorial video that will be worth checking out once the site’s speed picks up., the essential service whose url is nearly impossible for me to type by hand, has been having issues and I’m kinda lost without it.

We’ve announced The Ajax Experience over on, the official web site doesn’t have the info yet but ajaxian has some of the speakers listed.