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Back to the daily grind

Wow, I haven’t touched a computer since last thursday. Today I came back to find over 1000 new articles in Bloglines, around 40 emails to catch up on, and a relatively dead blog. So I guess I better get back to it. chicken dance elmo Christmas and all the associated pageantry went well. Leif got an insane amount of toys from both sets of grandparents and he also got the most annoying Elmo ever, Chicken Dance Elmo. There are also a ton of new building block sets for him to play with and throw around, so our pets had better be on high alert the next few weeks.

I got quite a few books that I’ve had on my wishlists for awhile, some clothes, and Amanda got me a sexy new red coffee maker. Mr. Coffee Red 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Also, I grabbed Lyle McDonald’s Rapid Fat Loss Handbook, which is his guide to the good ole’ PSMF. His book is really more for inspiration then anything else, as I’ve done this diet before and know how it works and what to expect. Typically I find it easier to get back into healthy eating habits if I start out with a clean slate and slowly add things back in, so I’ll try this for a week or two and see where that goes. This last year has seen a gradual decline in healthy eating/fitness habits, and I really need to reverse that trend.

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