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100 cups of coffee in 48 hours

french press in styleTwo programmers are trying to trying to drink 100 cups of coffee in 48 hours. I’m a pretty big caffeine nut, but I don’t think even I would attempt this.

The health matters, among other things, was discussed at Russel’s blog. The typical healthy human would have no problem processing that amount of caffeine over two days, but the sheer amount of liquid to “process” (over 6 gallons) would just get very annoying. Assuming they are not used to 1-2 gallons of fluid a day, I know from experience that they can expect bathroom trips at least on the hour. Thats assuming they don’t go nuts from the overstimulation and irritability that comes from massive amounts of caffeine. I’m sure there stomach lining will also be very unhappy for quite awhile.

Still, its hard not to admire such a pointless, rediculous adventure. So I say good luck, and good drinking.