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MacBook Pro announced: "4-5x faster than the PowerBook G5"

Steve Jobs just announced the MacBook Pro - engadget and macrumors have live coverage, among others. Here’ s the juicy bits:

1:28 PM - "You know, there's been this pesky little problem with PowerBooks..." 1:29 PM - "We've been trying to shoehorn a G5 into a powerbook. We've tried everyting. We've consulted every [slide of the pope, huge laughs] ..." Steve's going to explain the enigmatic Performance per Watt metric. 1:30 PM - PowerPC: 0.23 rating. Core Duo: 1.05. "Today we are introducing ... the MacBook Pro" 1:31 PM - "It's a new name because we're kinda done with power, and we want the name the Mac name in our products." The same dual-processor as the iMac in every model. This is hard to believe: 4-5x faster than the PowerBook G5. These things are screamers." 1:32 PM - SPECint_rate2000 leaps from 6.7 to 30.3 - specfp_rate2000 leaps 4.5-5x. 1:33 PM - 15.4 inch display is as bright as Cinema Display and there's an iSight camera on top.
Taking orders today, Shipping in February. 5.6lbs. iSight, Front Row; $1999 1.67 Core Duo; 667 DDR bus, x1600; $2499 1.83GHz.

Simply awesome. Guess I’ll have to hold off on getting a pc laptop, because the mac sounds like a winner. The performance of dual intel pcs with a computer that “just works”.

Also of note: new intel based iMac shipping now, with the rest of the mac line transitioning over the year.

Guess Rose was right again. Dion and Matt got their wish.

update: Discusson on memorandum, looks like is down. steve jobs meets intel