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Interview with DHH on ITConversation -- and _On Lisp_ ebook free!

Its a anti Java bonanza!!

Cover your ipod in a flame retardant suit, because DHH has an interview (direct mp3 link) up on ITConversations entitled “Secrets Behind Ruby on Rails”. If you are web 2.0 compliant, go to the odeo channel to grab it (tho it hasn’t refreshed yet).

The secrets go something like this:

  1. Create innovative web framework
  2. Incite Java and PHP web developers to do your marketing for you
  3. Profit!

Also, Paul Graham has posted On Lisp in its entirety. I read some of this at Borders the other day and it seemed like a very good intro to the language. Concise (under 400 pages not counting the reference), and easy to read.