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MacBook Pro battery life - 2.5 hours?

macbook pro lust

So I’m contemplating getting a MacBook Pro pretty soon, but if the reports of 2.5 hours of battery life are accurate I may have to reconsider.

Granted, the main benchmark that is getting a lot of attention is a worst case scenario, where the guy didn’t prep the battery and turned off hard drive spin down. Still, I doubt doing things the right way would net much more then three hours. Thats only a little bit better then the mediocre HP P4 laptop I use that doesn’t even have a mobile processor in it.

Before I owned a laptop I figured battery life wouldn’t matter much to me. I don’t really travel much and most places I do want to use a laptop I can plug it in easy enough. Since owning one and incorporating it into my workflow, though, I realize how great it would be to have a laptop that could just go for four or five hour - I’d be able to go code at a coffee shop without worrying about bringing the power brick.

So I’ll wait and see awhile, and see what more extensive reports bring. Maybe you can get longer life aftermarket batteries like you can with Dell and other wintels?