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Madison Ruby on Rails wiki setup

Finally got i2 setup on dreamhost for the Madison Ruby on Rails Wiki. Most of the trouble was due to human error, of course. There is still an issue where it seems Rails uses the cached version of a page when it should really hit the database to pick up changes. Not sure if thats an i2 issue or a setup issue. Of course now I’m not sure if I should’ve done all this with instiki, but it seems i2 should be fine for our modest needs.

A few notes from the whole ordeal:

  • stick with the dreamhost convention to save a lot of trouble - ie. bring your app into "~/" to avoid dealing with annoying rewrite issues.
  • use i2 from alexey's branch, as it has some fixes and also has a working version of RedCloth in the lib folder, which can save some trouble dealing with the broken version (3.04)
  • to migrate to production, the command is "rake environment RAILS_ENV=production migrate" - rake tries to migrate to development by default
  • i2 saves plain .html copies in the public/wiki folder by default, which is where I'm having problems right now...
  • i2 appears to work fine with Rails 1.1 on XP from my very limited testing - dunno about linux yet

If anyone has any ideas on the i2 cache issue, please drop a comment.