Panasonic Youth

Adventures in Quikrete

Last night my father-in-law and I did some concrete work in the basement. He had done some plumbing work for us a while back, since he is great with all sorts of handiwork that I’m not good at. So we had some trenches to fill up and patch with concrete.

I’ve never done concrete work before, and I hope I never have to do it again. Mixing the stuff by hand sucks, its dirty and dusty, and I’m still blowing dust particles out of my nose today. Some sort of face mask probably would’ve been a good idea.

Carrying around 80lb bags of “quickrete” also made me realize how badly I need to get back into shape. That should be a lot easier starting next week, as I’ll have no excuses for not hitting the gym during the day or just going for a quick run around the neighborhood. I’m starting a new job Monday, working out of my home, but thats for another post I’m still working on….