Panasonic Youth

Its _Working_ From Home, not Work+Childcare from Home

Since I’ve been telling people my new job will be from home, I’ve had this exchange far too often:

Me: So I'll be working out of my home office, the company is all virtual... JoeSchmoe: Oh, so will you be watching your son during the day, then?? Me: What?? No, I'll be working from home...

Is there something about doing work from home that people think you can just watch your kids while you work? What I should be saying is “well, do you take your kids into the office with you, then?”

I can barely complete a coherent thought when my three year old is on a rampage. I can’t imagine doing things that require real concentration like coding. How does anyone get this idea that when you work from home you become a slacker. Do they have an image of me on my couch, with a laptop and a rum and coke at my side, while my son runs around and plays?