Panasonic Youth

Programming in Pain

So it seems my RSI is really acting up, which should’t be surprising since I’m in a much different work environment and spending more time working from a laptop. It was pretty bad last week, with tingling up and down my left arm, especially in my elbow. A massuese friend of mine gave me a massage last week that helped for a bit, and recommended I get to a chiropractor since “T3 is way out of alignment”. I may get back to the guy who did some ART for me before, as that seems to really help.

I ran out and got some ergonomic stuff and an elbow brace to try and help things, and so far it seems a bit better. Also working on the posture - I need to get some sort of reminder program since its so easy to forget and end up slouching. I’m taking a lot more “microbreaks” for quick stretching, and taking ibuprofen for the worse times.

Feeling pain shoot up and down your arm while typing is always scary when your livelihood comes from programming - so I’ll just have to modify my habits to fight this again. When I was consulting I had problems for awhile, but was able to fight it off through some modifications. I’ll have to do the same this time.