Panasonic Youth

Rails Conf Brain Dump

The wireless sucks and not much time, so here are some random thoughts near the end of Day two:

  • Over 90% of attendees have macs. Literally. Crazy.
  • no free audio/podcasts from the sessions == lame
  • otherwise, the production quality has the usual high Jay standards
  • just about everyone is here, except Matz
  • what other programming community has its own rockstar with insane cartoons and crazy hacks? I just wish Why's music was a little less random and bit more bumping - lots of interesting hooks that sounded like they could be IDM/hip-hop-ish if laid over better beats
  • aren't we tired yet of picking on Java, or is it just the permanent dog to kick around?
  • the keynote lineup is all-star -> Fowler, Graham, DHH, and Dave Thomas
  • seems like the venue is a bit overbooked, with the most popular sessions overflowing out of the rooms
  • given the attendance here, RubyConf 06 will probably sell out in less then a day, if they really limit to ~240 people
  • the hipster nerd to D&D nerd ratio is pretty high here, much higher then java shows
  • Manheim Road is a pedestrian/new-urban planner's hell