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Hacking green bar color output into Autotest

update: You don’t need to do this hack anymore - the RedGreen plugin is builtin into autotest with the latest versions.

A much welcome upgrade of the indispensable autotest recently came out which speeds things up greatly, but the output was still plain test_unit output. There are now hooks to add plugins to add widgets or whatever crazy output you want, but all I wanted was a green or red bar in the console. Taking some help from RedGreen by Pat Eyler for the escape chars, here’s out make your autotest output a bit more feedbackie:

add this to the utility section of autotest.rb (yes, just hack the gem - its a minor change and the codebase is simple enough):

[ruby] BAR = “=” * 80

# filter output for colorized green/red bar def filter_output(results) filtered = “” results.each do |line|

  if line =~ /\d+ tests, \d+ assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors/
    line = "\e[32m#{BAR}\n#{$&}\e[0m\n\n"
  elsif line =~ /\d+ tests, \d+ assertions, (\d+) failures, (\d+) errors/
    if $1 != 0 || $2 != 0
      line =  "\e[31m#{BAR}\n#{$&}\e[0m\n\n"
  filtered < < line
filtered   end [/ruby]

Then change the method “run_tests” to call filter output:

[ruby] def run_tests …. @results = #{cmd} hook :ran_command puts filter_output(@results) …. [/ruby]

And you’ll have output like this:

autotest red green outpout