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Introducing BrainBuster - Logic Captcha for Rails

Announcing the release of BrainBuster, a Logic Captcha plugin for Rails. I’m calling this version 0.5, btw, because I’ve been developing it and testing it for awhile on the Madison Rails wiki.

What is a logic captcha? Its a test to try and tell computers and humans apart via a simple logic puzzle, math problem, or word problem. The big benefit over typical image based captchas is that a logic captcha is fully accessible for visually-impaired users who use screen readers. Plus I think they are less annoying then trying to decipher the crazy images many captchas use.

Logic captchas may exclude foreign users who don’t speak the language the questions are given in, and may exclude cognitively disabled users. It could also be defeated by a determined script kiddie, but then again every form of anti-spam measures can be defeated eventually.

I haven’t got anon SVN access set up yet, so for right now I just have a page here with more details. You can see try out the captcha on this test page at the Madison Ruby on Rails wiki. If you just want to look at the code, grab the zip file.

Please post all comments, feedback, and snide remarks about the actual plugin on the BrainBuster homepage.