Panasonic Youth

Step 1) Create Something Awesome 2) Profit - or Ze makes $2k in One Day

Yesterday, ze frank of video blog the show asked his fans to “gimme some candy” and donate. Donaters got a message that would be displayed on the show’s page with a logo - fifty bucks getting a big duckie, ten a small one, and five a jewel.

Looking at the duckies today, ze made over $2000 from his one day event. Not too shabby, but I wonder how much bandwidth cost that covers when you consider the huge fanbase he has.? Whatever ze gets, he deserves it, as the show is pretty much the best video blog. Evar.

Moral of the story: create something that people really love first, then worry about cashing in. Make it good enough, and maybe all you have to do is ask for money.