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Friday Night Randomness

Bored and procrastinating. Might as well link some things up for you, gentle reader.

  • Deprecations coming in Rails 1.2 - prepare yourself
  • Serious vulnerability in Ruby's CGI libary (1.8.5 and below!) - you are effected if you are using Mongrel, plain CGI, or Litespeed - you are NOT effected if you are using FastCGI. See Zed's post for more details.
  • A wireless dock is coming for your ipod that allows you to sync and charge your ipod, all while being connected via normal 801.11b/g wifi.
  • The Rails community could learn a lot from the Django book that is being produced and annotated right now. The annotations are done with the YAHOO.ext library, and it all works together very nice.
  • Interview with Scott Ambler discussion agile adoption, agile and data modelling, and the "unified process" (excuse me). Scott always has some interesting things to say.
  • Absolutely insane clip of Jeff Milligan (canadian techno dj) mixing on four (4!!) decks. When I was dj'ing everyday I was able to do 3 decks if I was having a good day, but Milligan works four here like its nothing.
  • I've blogged about my great experience with Rimhosting before - here is guide for setting up mongrel and mod_proxy on Rimu for production rails.
  • Review of the Ruby Way on Slashdot - While it will be particularly useful to the novice Ruby programmer, it is a handy reference for Rubyists at any level of experience.
  • Profile of Will Wright and his upcoming game, Spore. Spore is the first game in a long time that I'm really very excited about. Watch some videos and see why.