Panasonic Youth

With a Quickness

<p>Busy busy.  Blogging has falling to the bottom of the list, but I&#8217;m going to make an attempt to raise it back up, if only for five minutes a day.  News and few advanced-ish level Ruby links today.</p>

	<li><a href="">BrainBuster</a>, the little logic captcha that could, is now protecting the official <a href="">Rails wiki</a>, at least until <a href="">Ruse</a> is ready to take over.</li>
  • The Madison Rails group needs more lightning talks for our next meeting
  • 	<li>Ezra has an <a href="">awesome presentation</a> on the request cycle within Mongrel/Rails, from beginnging to end, with Mongrel and Rails source.  This is the kinda presentation I love.  Wish I could&#8217;ve been at the talk for the real deal.</li>
    	<li>Jay Fields handles the different eval flavors in this <a href="">article</a> on InfoQ.</li>
    	<li>Practical Ruby on <a href="">metaprogramming</a> looks worth reading.</li>