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Add "should.include?" for test/spec

I have done the following one too many times:


Only to have it fail because test/spec’s should doesn’t know about include? (or .not.include?)

However, as Chris points out in the comments, test/spec does allow .should.include (without the “?”), but does not have a should.not version of it. So the following adds a alias with the question mark, and also adds the should.not complement.

[ruby]module Test::Spec::Rails::ShouldInclude def self.included(base) base.class_eval { alias_method :include?, :include } end end

module Test::Spec::Rails::ShouldNotInclude def self.included(base) base.class_eval { alias_method :include?, :include } end

def include(value) msg = build_message(@message, “< ?> expected to not include ?, but it did.”, @object, value) assert_block(msg) { !@object.include?(value) } end end

Test::Spec::Should.send(:include, Test::Spec::Rails::ShouldInclude) Test::Spec::ShouldNot.send(:include, Test::Spec::Rails::ShouldNotInclude) [/ruby]

(updated 8/8)