Panasonic Youth

iPhone price whining

I find it strange that Russ is complaining about today’s iPhone price drop of $200. Russ is knows how fast the mobile market moves, so he should know better. He says:

Happily screwing the early adopters and rewarding the laggards is something only Apple can do with a smile, no?

No, actually, its pretty much universal that early adopters get screwed for any new gadget or technology, Apple or otherwise. Most early adopters understand this is part of the deal: You get to play with the latest gadgets months or years before the mainstream, and even gloat a little when your friends pull out their two year old Razrs. You also have to watch as the price drops massively in the first six months, as updates to bugs and flaws are pushed, and as the latest and greatest release renders your purchase obsolete quickly.

I’ve been an early adopter for some things, but with consumer electronics I’ve come to realize its just not worth it. If you do keep up with the latest Apple hardware or the latest mobile devices, I hope you are having a lot of fun with it. But please don’t complain when the price drops two months after you paid a premium. You knew it was coming. This isn’t about Apple fanboys defending the price drop, or Steve Jobs screwing people, its just the way the game works.