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Yall gonna go update some code, up in here, up 'n here!"

A stupid script to update all projects within a directory. This could be massively improved.

[ruby] #!/usr/bin/env ruby

Simple script to svn up all directories within the current directory, or the

specified directory. Does not recurse, assumes we only need to go to the

immediate directories.

ex: > cd my_projects; upper # svn up all projects w/i my_projects

ex: > upper ~/src/work/ # svn up all projects inside ~/src/work

class Upper

def self.svn_up(top_level_dir) puts “Svn upping all projects within ‘#{top_level_dir}’” full_path = File.expand_path(top_level_dir) directories = [] do |dir| if (dir == “.” || dir == “..” || dir == “.DS_store”) then next end full_dir = File.join(full_path, dir) directories « dir if end puts “No directories found.” if directories.empty? directories.each do |dir| command = “svn up #{dir}” puts command puts #{command} end end


dir = ARGV[0]   Dir.pwd

unless puts “Error - No directory exists with name: ‘#{dir}’” and exit end

Upper.svn_up(dir) [/ruby]