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Handling asset caching nicely in Rails 2.0

update: fix some incorrect paths that did not have the public in front. (thanks Jon)

From your rails root:

mkdir public/javascripts/cache mkdir public/stylesheets/cache svn add public/javascripts/cache/ svn add public/stylesheets/cache/ svn propset svn:ignore '*' public/javascripts/cache/ svn propset svn:ignore '*' public/stylesheets/cache/ svn ci -m "add cache directories for combined assets, but ignore their contents"

Then wherever you are doing the js and css includes:

< %= stylesheet_link_tag "application_v2", "foo_styles", :cache => "cache/styles" %> < %= javascript_include_tag "prototype", "application", "foo", "bar", :cache => "cache/defaults" %>

Why do this?

  • it lets you flip perform_caching on locally without cluttering up your svn status with files you don't want to add (and you want to test asset caching locally cross-browser)
  • it lets you clear out the cached files with one command locally or on the server, instead of hunting and pecking for the cached files
  • it allows you to get really fancy, and push the cache folders into a shared directory so that they don't get blown away on each deploy -- obviously this would only make sense when your js/css has stabilized