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multi_rails 0.0.5 released

<p>multi_rails version 0.0.5 has been released!</p>

<li><a href=""></a></li>


<p>MultiRails lets you test your Rails plugin or app against many versions of Rails in one sweep.</p>


<p>MultiRails allows easy testing against multiple versions of Rails for your Rails specific gem or plugin.  It also has tentative support testing Rails applications against multiple versions of Rails.</p>

<p>Use MultiRails to hook in Rails 2.0 testing in your continuous integration.  Still working on Rails 2.0 support?  Use MultiRails to see where your test suite falls down against the latest and greatest versions of Rails.</p>



<li>Handle the case where we don&#8217;t have any Rails gems installed at all by raising early to prevent weirdness later on (Evan Weaver)</li>

Visit the Relevance open source trac for multi_rails and more open source releases from Relevance.