Panasonic Youth

Git lessons learned

Lessons learned from day to day use with various ruby and rails projects.

  • Submodules completely suck when things get complex - I’m moving away from no submodules, and using direct exports for now until I have time to research braid or piston 2.0. For more details on this, see this or this post on the github group.

  • Use capistrano 2.2, not 2.3! 2.3 breaks git support

  • Always use :remote_cache for deployments – super fast with git

  • If you have weird errors, it probably means you need to pull - when in doubt pull to make sure you have the latest

  • Branch more locally - I’ve been burned a few times when I’ve started work in master and then regretted it later when I wished my work wasn’t in mainline (yes, its possible to fix this after the fact, but that gets into more advanced git usage)