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Upgrading git via MacPorts

Git 1.6.1 was released at Christmas, and if you are still on 1.6.0 or lower its well worth upgrading. MacPorts is the way to go for Git on the Mac - the ports team has been awesome in keeping up with the latest versions. Here’s how I upgrade:

First, make sure you have the latest portfiles:

sudo port sync

Deactivate any preexisting versions - not sure if this is strictly necessary, but I’ve seen failures when I don’t.

sudo port deactivate git-core

Install the new hotness, with all optional add-ons.

sudo port install git-core +svn+bash_completion+doc

Verify it:

git --version

=> git version 1.6.1

Note that there is a MacPorts ‘upgrade’ command, but I’ve seen it fail to actually upgrade things from time to time. Doing the install this way always works for me.